Unheard Voices of Louisiana

Our Objective

To promote a fuller understanding of Louisiana's cultural and ethnic diversity by reenacting Louisiana history from the perspectives of women, the poor, the working class, free Creoles of Color, enslaved Africans, freed Blacks, Native Americans, Cajuns, Germans, Sicilians, Irish, Islenos, Vietnamese, and people of mixed heritage.

Driven by a passion for truth

To provide a safe, engaging, and respectful environment where audience members and historic interpreters can entertain questions of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and religious traditions through the lens of people who have shaped Louisiana’s culture, landscape, and history.   

To present accurate historical information and encourage communication about issues of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and religious tradition in a professional, ethical, and equitable manner.


We honor the many cultures that have shaped Louisiana's unique landscape and acknowledge the multiple histories written into that landscape.

We are continuously researching, developing, and delivering truthful historical storytelling through our work. This is the foundation of who we are. 

Meet the team

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