Amazons Benvolent Society

"We cut through darkness creating a path of goodness and light."

The Amazons were founded in 2012 after founder, Dianne Honore', was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being surrounded by so many strong compassionate friends and fellow warriors she founded the group realizing there is strength in numbers. The amount of good they could do for the community through volunteer work, fundraising and service would be outstanding! The Scythians, the Amazons' male counterparts, were added in 2014!

Cancer is our arch nemesis but we work for many causes.

Cancer is our hallmark cause but each Amazon and Scythian has their own area of interest that they bring to the table. We have helped many organizations in the community from North Rampart Community Center for children, to New Orleans Mission homeless center, to battered womens shelters among many others. We invite anyone in need to join our prayer list and support group. Candles at St. Jude Shirne and Blessed Fr. Seelos' Shrine are lit weekly for those in need. We also offer "support mentoring." Our annual fall event is called Baking for Breast Cancer. It is part of the Gumbo Marie Fest. Proceeds go to 2 local cancer fighters. It is held the first Saturday of each October, this year it's Oct. 7, 2017 at Fortier Park on Esplanade Ave. 9am-2pm

Walking in celebration

We are first and foremost a benevolent society. We dress out in custom designed breast plates with shields and swords each year at Carnival time in celebration of all we do year-round. We also want to show cancer fighters and those in need and sickness that they can be a part of the merriment and celebration and we support them. We are strong, fierce, and tireless. We are the Amazon and Scythian Warriors!